We pray that we have presented a compelling argument for church pastors and leaders to seriously and prayerfully consider adding a personal component to your existing discipleship initiative.

If you do not have a systematic approach and strategy towards discipling believers, especially new believers, we pray you are motivated by the Holy Spirit to develop one, especially after reading that there is a biblical precedent for personal one-on-one spiritual mentoring. (1 Thessalonians 2:3-13)

Of course, we are not suggesting that you should discontinue what you are doing now, but consider adding the personal component to your corporate discipleship efforts. We have found, if given time and commitment, this will accelerate healthy spiritual growth.

Additional discussion points and topics follow the in the Appendix that you can use with your disciple-makers to help identify areas of spiritual need in your faith community, in order to prayerfully seek God’s solutions.


  1. Prayerfully discern which faithful men and women in your spiritual community already have a propensity to invest in the lives of others and review this content with them. Ask them to prayerfully consider agreeing to become equipped to mentor others.

  2. Then as a group, go through the Phase 2 curriculum “Mentor Training” in our Tool For Personal Discipleship. (That will provide the mentors-to-be with training and answer questions about how to go about discipling another believer.)

  1. When Phase 2 training is completed, then go through Phase 1, Understanding The Christian Life, with the mentors. The 16 lessons are designed to be used in a facilitative style of question-and-answer, allowing the mentor to stimulate conversation. Please go through the lessons in order as each lesson builds on the previous one.

NOTE: From our website (www.disciplers.org) you can download the .pdf version and print it (or download the App for digital devices or computer). 

For additional assistance in implementing an effective discipleship ministry in your congregation, review our Implementation Guidelines

We remain available to answer your questions or consult with you as you develop your expanded discipleship strategy.  Contact us at info@disciplers.org.  We are praying for you!