1.  The discipler needs to count on the HOLY SPIRIT to:

  1. Orchestrate encounters with others who need to be mentored

  2. Create spiritual hunger in the person to be mentored

  3. Guide the discipleship process

  4. Give wisdom, discernment and clarity to your mentee

2.  The DISCIPLER is responsible to:

  1. Pray and look to the Lord with expectation

  2. Continue in fellowship (abide) with the Holy Spirit

  3. Study the Word and seek to be prepared to be used by God

  4. Be available to the Holy Spirit to work through you to assist others in their faith walk

  5. Cooperate with the Holy Spirit as a partner in His work



  1. Emphasizes the mentee’s need to look to the Lord to reveal Himself through His Word, the Bible

  1. Progressively addresses the needs of the mentee and their growth in an intentional and systematic method, as in building a house

  1. Focuses the mentee’s attention on their transformative relationship with the Lord, rather than on external behavior manipulation

In the human physical realm, there are three OBSTACLES TO REPRODUCTION:

  1. Physical immaturity

  2. A health problem

  3. A lack of physical intimacy

The same three obstacles can HINDER SPIRITUAL REPRODUCTION (according to Dawson Trotman, founder of the Navigators (navigators.org)

  1. Spiritual immaturity – Due to being a newer Christian, or due to a lack of spiritual growth.

  2. Spiritual health problems – Due to unresolved issues between the Christian and the Lord, and/or a lack of correct spiritual understanding.

  3. Lack of spiritual intimacy – Due to busyness and/or other activities or things that infringe on their quiet time and intimacy with the Lord.

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